Successful Event on Sunday, December 6th at the Circle Downtown Indianapolis

        We not only had a beautiful weather but a good turnout as well.  Right to Life and OCLife Indianapolis members and supporters came to pray the Akathist to St. Nicholas, Wonderworker of Myra on his feast day.  The event was a first time joint effort for the defense of life and the family and to restore a heightened sense of the sanctity of life in our culture.  The prayer service was followed by Christmas carols and children had oranges and chocolates. We are hoping this would be an annual event by God’s grace.  A big thank you to all who came out.  Glory be to God!


Fr. Stevan Bauman and Protodeacon Michael Walker leading the Akathist to St. Nicholas

StNicholas2 StNicholas3 StNicholas4 StNicholas5 StNicholas6


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