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           By this time, most or some of us must have seen the sickening video exposure of Planned Parenthood selling body parts from aborted fetuses.  Below is the most recent video related to the profits from human body parts.  Nothing could be more atrocious and disgusting than this evil act.  There is no excuse nor any humanitarian reason to explain nor support this atrocity, period.  This calls for a more serious intervention to protect the life and dignity of the unwanted unborn child. 

          As Christians we need to speak up and pray more fervently on behalf of the speechless and helpless.  As Jesus said in Matthew 5:13, “you are the “salt of the earth”.  We should be the light in this dark world.   Lord, have mercy!  I encourage you to listen to Fr. Josiah’s podcast on Ancient Faith Radio by clicking on this link:

     We will serve refreshments and have a discussion tomorrow, Wednesday, July 22nd after the moleben for life at Sts. Constantine and Elena, 6:15 pm.

             May God have mercy upon the those who have ears but couldn’t hear and those who have eyes but couldn’t see.

July 22nd Moleben for Life at Saints Constantine and Elena Orthodox Church

Come join us and pray the Moleben for Life on Wednesday, July 22nd at 6:15 pm at Saints Constantine and Elena. 

Let us remember the innocent unwanted unborn children who cannot defend themselves.  Let us remember their mothers and fathers in crisis pregnancy.  Let us remember the leaders of this land.  Let us remember the abortion providers.  Let us remember our youth.  Let us remember them in prayer and plead for God’s mercy upon them and upon us all.