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Sun, Nov 3 Ends 40 Days for Life, fall 2013

40 Days for Life Indianapolis will have a closing event on November 3rd at 3-4 pm in front of Planned Parenthood, 8590 Georgetown Road, Indianapolis.  Come and bring a baby shower gift that will be distributed by Great Lakes Gabriel Project.  Below is the email from 40 Days for Life Indianapolis Director, Jim Recasner.  Glory be to God for all things!

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Day 36

  Oct. 31, 2013
Dear Photini,
There are only a handful of days left in the fall 40 Days for Life campaign.  There will be a closing event Sunday afternoon at 3 pm – 4pm.  This will be a time to pray and sing together in public witness for an end to abortion.

To remember those children whose lives have been taken by abortion, and to celebrate God’s love and mercy, please try to bring a baby shower gift.  These donations will be collected and distributed through the Great Lakes Gabriel Project.  Any baby needs will be greatly appreciated.

Our honored guest at this event with be Bob Rust and we’ll have music with the Gospel of Life band and the Padilla family.  Light refreshments for a cool fall Sunday will also be provided.

I was at the prayer vigil earlier this week.  I had gone because we did not have anyone signed up for a couple of hours, and I thought I could cover the vigil if no one was there.  I had wanted to get in an overdue mowing and it was a cloudy but rain-free day, so I wasn’t exactly happy to be going to pray in front of Planned Parenthood.  When I got there, sure enough, we had five or six participants.  “Great!” I thought as I got out of the car.  Maybe I could go home and mow the lawn after all.

I stopped to talk with the sidewalk counselor, Lisa Hughes, who said she had been there for a while and was thinking of leaving soon.  She said she had heard that we had seen several “saves” recently.  The abortionist was at work that day.  I signed in, picked up a “Pregnant? Need Help? Call 1-877-734-2444” sign, and after greeting the other participants, began walking along the curb and praying.

I watched a PT Cruiser slowly pass and turn into the Planned Parenthood driveway.  It drove around to the back of the building, and I could see that a man and a woman were in the car.  Some of the participants left, but new people arrived, so I started to think of leaving.  I noticed the PT Cruiser come out from behind the building and stop at the driveway.  Lisa talked briefly with the couple, and they drove away.  A few minutes later I was back near the driveway, and Lisa waved me to come over to where she was standing.  She told me that the couple in the car had parked behind the building and had decided to call the 1st Choice number.  They decided not to go into Planned Parenthood.  We passed the word to the others at the prayer vigil.  I decided I might just stay a little longer.

When I left after two hours, the sidewalk counselor was still at her post.  We also had several prayer vigil participants, and the rest of the afternoon was covered.

By the time I got home, I knew there was not enough time to mow the yard before picking up my grandson at school.  I looked at the yard.  It was beautiful.

May God bless the children, the sidewalk counselors, and all of us.

Thank you.

Jim Recasner

40 Days for Life – Indy Director
Great Lakes Gabriel Project operates
 40 Days for Life – Indy
 1st Choice for Women and
 Little Flower Pregnancy Help Center

Speak up for those who cannot speak for themselves.    Proverbs 31:8

To learn more about the 40 Days for Life Campaign, please go this link:


Moleben on Monday, Oct. 21st

Our tenth month this year of praying for the unborn will be on Monday, October 21st at 7 pm as usual at Joy of All Who Sorrow Orthodox Church in Indianapolis.  Unfortunately, the 22nd will not work due to the church board meeting.  We are looking forward to Sts. Constantine and Helen hosting it next month!!! 

Hope to see you all next Monday!  May the Lord richly bless the faithfulness of His people interceding for the defenseless unborn children.