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Let our prayers arise…

     It was a joy to pray with our brothers and sisters at St. John The Forerunner Orthodox Church!  A big thank you to Fr. Zacharias for graciously allowing us to do a presentation on the OCLife Indianapolis chapter and more so for serving the Molieben with Fr. Dcn. Michael of Joy of All Who Sorrow.  We were also blessed by the generosity of the parishioners with their time and resources.  May God bless their giving a hundredfold! 

Moleben 5-25-14b

Moleben on 5/25/14 at St. John The Forerunner

Moleben 5-25-14a


Sunday May 25th – Moleben at St. John The Forerunner

Christ is Risen!

For the first time we will be holding the moleben for the unborn at St. John The Forerunner at 1427 Blaine Ave, Indianapolis.  We will start right after coffee hour which will be around 11:45-noon, followed by a very brief (about ten minutes) presentation on the OCLife-Indianapolis chapter. 

Looking forward to pray with our brethren at St. John.